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What happens if you reach the maximum of 1300 AA in Wizard's Vault?

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2 hours ago, Ghoz.3815 said:

When you get to 1300 AA (Astral Acclaim), what happens?
Stop receiving AA? What you get over that maximum is lost or is it delivered to you once you spend under 1300? how does it work?

I had a similar question.  According to the wiki:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Astral_Acclaim


It is possible to have up to max 1300 Astral Acclaim at any given time, and further Acclaim beyond this limit cannot be claimed until you spend some

So it is not possible to claim and just not get rewards because you were already capped.  Effectively, you will have to spend until you can claim the reward, then claim once you are under the point at which claiming will not put you over the limit.  


You can, of course, still lose *opportunity* to claim Acclaim if you don't claim objectives and a reset happens.

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