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Relic of the Daredevil + Holosmith

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I have no idea how practical this build is overall - all I know is that it's a lot of fun just messing around with.

Relic of the Daredevil gives you a guaranteed crit after every dodge. So:

Solar Focusing Lens, Vent Exhaust on Holosmith

Adrenal Implant on Tools

Energy Rune in second slot of weapon.

Roll, crit, roll, crit, activate forge, endurance spikes back up, fight for a while to build heat, roll, crit, roll, crit, drop from forge, endurance spikes back up, roll, crit, roll, crit, activate forge, endurance spikes back up...

I have no idea if this is an effective way of fighting or if it will actually increase damage overall but it is hilarious. You can't keep it going forever but you can do it for a pretty long time...

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I mean, if you're a power build you have all the crit you want, and if you're a condi build you're not building for crit damage, so it probably is superfluous. Though on my celestial build, it's pretty amusing to see that I have a crit chance of 33% but I can roll into crits nonstop for a while just by dropping in and out of forge to get my endurance back up.

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Haven't tested, but does the guaranteed crit get consumed by Vent Exhaust, which *can't crit*, or does it remain until the next one?

I do think it's a pretty fun style of build, but it's unfortunately way over-nerfed in PvP/WvW so I tend to not play it. In PvE, it didn't seem that good either last time I tested because the opportunity cost for dodging wasn't worth the damage you get from VE, even though it's considerable.

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For this effect I remember I used the sigil of Vision, although it doesn't activate as often it gives you 3 seconds of 100% crit chance after weapon swap, the good thing about it is that you don't hinder your rotation by having to dodge in-between, and since vent exhaust can't crit, it can't make up for the burst damage loss. I used it for a while myself, the dodges never felt that impactful in terms of damage, and on the other hand, you also burn dodges that can possibly be useful to avoid an attack soon after, even with all the extra endurance regen and the sigil of energy, which I also used, if you dodge on cooldown you'll still end up in situations where you are out of dodges when you really need them. 

Plus, this relic is meant to exaggerate 1 powerful attack, and engi usually has a lot of less powerful attacks that add up, so it looses a lot of it's potential here.

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