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Supreme Rune of Holding

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I was hoping for ArenaNet to introduce a new way of getting these things, especially when they continue to increase the bag-slot limit (now 14).

They supply as of right now is enough to craft two 32-slot bags, oh well.

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3 hours ago, LesserHellspawn.3160 said:

I've been shocked to see these have jumped to 35 gold per piece this morning. Crafting a 32 slot bag now costs over 400 gold, this is absolutely insane. When they went to 16 gold per piece it was already bad, but now ?

Well since people can only gamble 20 times a week less superior rune of holding are being created.

Something Anet seem to have forgot about but then again they forgot about legendary runes when doing the new relic system aswell so I am not suprised

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Wait ... the amount of bag slots got increased to 14? Must have missed that when reading the patch notes. I dislike that they increase stuff always more and more. I'd hoped to get "completion" here. Though with my 12 ones I feel I have enough ... on my main and only with 20 slot bags and the free 32 ones from achievements. I store a ton of stuff there and have even 3-4 free bags. Other chars don't even need that much. Storage expander also will be overkill. I bet they also increased those again even more. (Though I like that as well - for certain stuff that gathers up a low ... to just have a ton of it and being able to have it in that storage instead of the bank lol.)

I wonder why suddenly the rune of holding price increased that much though? Can't be just a few runes. Maybe people fearing some change that the source of runes gets more rare - trying to buy them all now? I know there were changes to ecto gambling but some site that tracks stats showed a huge spike around 18th August going up and then slowly down again recently. Can only be because of expansion or people anticipating certain stuff.

Or ... the rich ones actually bought a ton to make their last 2 32-slot bags so they can have 14 32 slot bags now and since they are finished now it drops and "normal" players only every now and then buy some to try to make 1 big bag.

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