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Just want to share my sadness about Regional Pricing

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I'm kind a veteran player. Played around 9,5 year.  I had so much memory with this game. Mostly good ones. I made a great friends a long to way. But with collapsing economy of Turkey, I cannot buy the last 2 expansion. Secrets of the Obscure looking really good. At site the prices are For Soto 25£ it means 738Turkish Lira in Turkey.  And EOD is 30£  to Turkish lira its 885lira.  With combine of the it a lot of money to go.

And a low income player like me cannot afford these. Steam prices more affordable then these around %50. But we cannot transfer our account. So there is that. I'm not mad at arena net of course. Not their job to keep our country economy to work. But I'm just sad and i want to share that. Trying to hunt some discount, but not gonna happen soon. I hope you guys having fun with expansion. Have fun for me too. Love you all.

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Why is Steam separated? Doesn't all end in the same Anet account?


On 8/23/2023 at 8:40 PM, Eayn.1470 said:

And EOD is 30£  to Turkish lira its 885lira

Those greymarket sites like Kinguin, Eneba have it for less.

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