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GW2: SOTO Weapons Training - Underwater Weapons

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5 minutes ago, WeightTrainer.3219 said:

Are underwater weapons included in all classes using all weapons now? I am trying to find info if it is just weapons used on land or if underwater weapons (trident, spear, harpoon gun) all 3 will be usable by all classes. Thanks.

Nevermind I found this, so looks like aquatic weapons is not included.

Here are the weapons that will become part of each profession’s core proficiencies in Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure:

Guardian: Axe (main hand), sword (off hand), longbow

Revenant: Shield (off hand), greatsword, short bow

Warrior: Dagger (main and off hand), pistol (off hand), torch (off hand)

Engineer: Mace (main hand), sword (main hand), hammer

Ranger: Dagger (main hand), hammer, staff

Thief: Scepter (main hand), rifle, staff

Elementalist: Sword (main hand), warhorn (off hand), hammer

Mesmer: Axe (main hand), dagger (main hand), shield (off hand)

Necromancer: Pistol (main hand), torch (off hand), greatsword

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