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Relic of Unseen Invasion - ICD Janky

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Relic of Unseen Invasion gives superspeed on stealth or un-stealth with a 5-second ICD. The addition of the ICD means that, if you're in stealth for less than 5 seconds, you actually don't get any superspeed on un-stealth. This makes the effect feel janky and inconsistent. Classes other than Thief have to commit significant resources to stealth longer than 5 seconds, so they will almost never see the "un-stealth" superspeed proc. I don't understand why the ICD is needed in the first place. The only class that can consistently stealth and un-stealth multiple times in a 5-second interval is Thief, which already has access to the same superspeed ability without an ICD (via Shadow Arts). Please either remove the ICD or get rid of the un-stealth proc (to at least make the behavior intuitive). Thanks!

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