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Wizards Vault - Only partial rewards being given.

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I chose the PvP only option and have completed the daily and the weekly events. When claiming the daily chest, while received the Astral things, the other items (1 gold and essence of luck) were not received. The same with the weekly chest, although the Astral rewards were added onto the balance, the tome of knowledge, the celebratory boost nor the 10 laurels were added to my balances.  I dont know if its just the PvP only rewards that are doing this or it is affecting WvW only or PvE only as I cannot test those currently.

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I believe after further analysis, this may have happened because my inventory was full. Before I went to claim the item, I had a full inventory and "bouncing chests" - that gave me a network error popup (there was nothing wrong with my network fyi). After I cleared space to claim the daily/weekly rewards, my inv was full but no bouncing chests outstanding. Thats when I did not get the rewards - I believe they try to put them straight into inventory rather than giving a chest at the side like other rewards - when there was no space, I think they just disappeared.

This may need to be tested and a possible solution needed.

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