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SotO story mode not multiplayer friendly

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I have found this to be an ongoing issue with the story, even from Living World and other Expansions - playing with even just one other person runs in to technical issues or is just relatively not fun. 
Playing together is one of the things that keeps some of my friends playing but doing story mode together is not fun. 
While it's  understandable that an extra player wouldn't have as much agency as the story runner, why are they unable to see dialogue choices? Or they can't interact with important elements (example "finding clues" in one chapter could have been more fun if we were both allowed to find them. Instead the second player can be detected by the people in the camp while not actually contributing?) 
Finally, the story stop progressing for my friend when they missed a dialogue box due to me going through a portal to a fight in the same instance. They tried re-logging but despite their story directing them to the same step as mine, it wouldn't work. 

I know making the story parts playable in a meaningful way by multiple people is a complex issue but it's been an ongoing one since the start. 
I love the game, and all the hard work and love that's been put in to it, but I would love to be able to properly enjoy it with other people during story play throughs. 

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