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New player just bought every expansion but I'm completely lost

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Hi there I'm a new player I just bought every expansion but im pretty lost, id like to do SOTO first, because I imagine ill get the most interactions there right now as its new content and then ill work my way backwards. I played an Elementalist till lvl 30 and then decided to boost to lvl 80 on a guardian to experience SOTO and was disappointed to find out there's no in game voice chat, as i usually can just join area chat and ask for help in other games.

That being said I am wondering if there are any guilds/discords dedicated to helping new players? and if not I think an official community promoted discord could definitely help new players coming to the game a lot.


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Well your method pretty much ensures you'll be lost for some time. This game is huge with many many systems. But you're right most of us are playing Soto now so its a good place to be lost. And youll get Skyscale immediately which is also nice.

First of all to get to Soto open your hero panel. Find the story tab and start the Soto story. This will get you to the new maps after some story missions.

Unfortunately this game is not very good at connecting people, no in game voice chat and the whole game is split into instances so you can't really reach everyone via chat. So youll need to find a guild with a discord. I don't really know where the best place is because I found my guilds after some time playing and are more specialised. I know this forums has a guild section, try there. You can also just ask in /map (/m short) chat and maybe you find one that way. Maybe you can even open a guild find request in looking for group tool (open it on the new maps). Thats at least something everyone can see. 

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First of all there is no dead locations or zones in the game, everywhere ppl are doing events, exploration or gather materials, no need to rush in the latest addon. It’s not like WoW or other mmo, where new xpac means everything before it is dead. Some zones can be less crowded or a bit empty at night hours or so, but at prime time everything is fine. I leveled toons at every addon and never felt alone in the world.

Second - no need to rush 80 level. Leveling wont take much time, but will give you much more time for experiments with builds/weapons to find out what is really for you and for learning all that new info about the game.

Finally on the very first toon I’d play while story from vanilla to last xpac in right order, story isnt small part of gameplay and most of times can be very interesting and enjoyable.

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