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Relic of the Monk not working as expected

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following the description of the Relic of the Monk, one would expect it to work almost the same as the old Rune of the Monk, aside from the ICD. however, this is not the case, and in its current state is a major nerf. as an example: I am on my heal mechanist and use Energizing Slam (mace 2) with only me and my mech in range. with the old Rune of the Monk, this would result in 6 stacks of the healing buff - two stacks each from me and my mech for the two boons given directly by the skill, and another stack each for the alacrity generated by Mech Frame: Channeling Conduits due to the barrier applied by the skill. given the added ICD on the relic, one might reasonably understand the alacrity generation from Channeling Conduits not being counted, resulting in 4 stacks of the healing buff rather than 6. however, at the moment this exact scenario only applies a single stack of the outgoing healing buff from the Relic of the Monk, resulting in the inability of several buids to produce reasonable stacks of this buff.

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