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More options in daily objectives

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Not counting daily login, daily objectives should let you choose 3 out of a longer list of possible options (at least 4-5 possible objectives perhaps?).

If Devs want to limit Astral Aclaim from dailies, then just make it so that additional objectives, after having compleed 3 of them become disabled and no longer give additional rewards. Or if disabling objectives is too hard to implement, then reduce the currency given by the tasks themselves and move that to the big chest... That sounds a lot easier to do...

At least the weekly lets you finish 6 out of 8 objectives before allowing you to claim the big chest, not sure why that same logic was not applied to daily objectives.

Im not talking about choosing between PvP, WvW or PvE here... Im talking about choice in which of a number of objectives to complete... When you are given a list of 3 and you have to complete all 3 (regardless of the game modes you like), then there is no real choice (that assuming you want the Astral Aclaim from daylies), feels limiting, forced, which I though was what the new system was trying to avoid.

Overall, I like the new system, just feels like it could be improved slightly...

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere...

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Hopefully ANet takes the time to read all these posts about the problems with the new dailies and adjusts swiftly. These new ones in the current form ain't it. They need some more work to less like a chore and more fun, as the old dailies did.

The Astral Acclaim currency and items are a good addition. However, the current daily achievement system surrounding them is not.

Please, no more faux choices or click click click to get the reward.

And don't give me a daily for a map I haven't stepped foot in before, on the other side of the continent.

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