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Bug - Graphic card overheating since Soto update.

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I would like to signal either a bug or a random optimisation error (?) since Tuesday's update that happened with the launch of the Secret Of The Obscure expansion.

Since the update, within the first minutesof me playing, my computer starts making a loud noise for about 10 to 15 seconds at a time, without me knowing why. It stops and starts again every 10 to 15 minutes. My graphic card (RTX 4080) is overheating by about 25°C to 30°C while playing, for no apparent reason.

It goes from 48°-50°C to 72-73°C with a huge increase of electrticity consumption (in Watts). It doesn't necessarily happen during combat with many players around.

To be clear, I did not have this issue before the update, and it doesn't happen when playinf other games.

To illustrate :

- When playing WvW : I am usually at about 45°C, 50°C when in a 50 players fight, when suddenly I'm at 70°C againts two players and nothing happening around us. It lasts about 20 seconds.



- Right after that, it drops to 58°C (remeber it is usually at about 45°C)



- Here, it steadily increased from 45°C to 73°C, without anything happening in front of me :


... And it goes up without a decrease in fps... But using up more of the graphic card, for no discernable reason:


It went up to 73-74°C a few times.

It's not entirely random: it happens in specific locations of most maps, even when there is  nothing going on around me. If I move by just a few steps and move the camera angle, it stops.


I'd like to hear your opininions on this. Thanks ! 🙂 

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