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Watch List in the UI

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7 hours ago, Ynzalez.4081 said:

Hm I can't see these displayed like before.  How to put it back?

Someone told me in in game chat that you need untick everything in Wizard's Vault and now you should to be able to see like before everything on your Watch List (from Hero Panel).

You can't tick (track) even one objective in Wizard's Vault or that will replace your Watch List, right now WV are mutually exclusive with Watch List and vice verse.

I would recommend to use BlishHUD where you can select a module (add-on) which is called ToDos, where you can set up what you want track (with different reset).

BlishHUD is built on overlay, so it means that you will have a layer above your games surface.

BlishHUD (see video to explain what it is how to use)


Overview of modules:

Right now Achievement Tracker (another module) isn't very useful as it lacks more info for SoTO content (only show a place holder) and doesn't have tools related to SoTO like Wizard's Vault or Achievements from SoTO, ToDos is here a better option as you can set up a short descriptive name for task and click a radio button on it when it is finished (will hide until reset that you set up).

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