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New Legendary weapon/armor collections bugged?

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So I dont really understand the purpose of the new weapon collectrions. There are just the materials listed and you don't get anything out of it.

Anyway, I already have a bunch of the materials (at the bank before the release of SotO). They do not get unlocked in the collection. Does it only count when I get them now?

I already have the precursor for Howler so the only option to get it again would be buying it. There is also ecto in the list of collection items, but it never gets unlocked when I get an ecto.

Also the ecto in the achievement list links to another collection that I have already done.

SO it would be great if someone can enlighten me on that collections or point oout if they are bugged or work as intended.

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it's either bugged or the ecto will only be purchasable from that vendor sometime in the future,i noticed the ecto box has a larger white ring around it like it's a placeholder. i too had the mats but had to craft other mats to complete the collection but if it means all gen 1 weapons will only need that 1 gift of battle it's worth it (hopefully) also you could wait till the legendary gift with the howler pre is in the rewards and sell your howler on the tp.



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