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Using the Updraft Generators

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6 minutes ago, APrincessOfAlot.4735 said:

After gaining the Updraft Generator Mastery how do you use them...showing a gear when near them but not sure how to use it? Fly next to it but nothing....Am I missing something>

I suppose you are on a Skyscale? In that case you need to get close enough to get that yellow pop up telling you to use your Interact key (default in control to "F"; might be something else you set up there).

When you do this from that point you will get a small updraft that you can use by getting into Gliding mode (jump off your Skyscale - either by dismount/use same key combo as you use for summon or use Bond of Faith skill - this is from someone that have all PoF mounts and abilities unlocked; I don't know if you have access to all the same tools from only SoTO unlock).

A) You need be close enough and either very fast if you already are Gliding

B) Be still long enough to use Interact keybind

C) Get into Gliding mode and get higher up


EDIT: I forgot to mention if you have that new ability to use Updraft with Skyscale this will also work as every other Updraft to get higher up and get charge up of your flight meter.

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