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POI's and pet locations for SotO

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I am having trouble getting to the last 2 POIs I need for Amnytas
I have been told they are accessible by events but I can't find which ones or where they start
Bastion of Knowledge - Cellar of Arcana
I keep getting transported out
Bastion of Obscurity - Contre Temps
Can find where it is supposed to be ( but it's behind a wall)

Also, where are the locations for pets... Ranger is needing some lubz

Thanks for any assistance, it is most appreciated


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Cellar of Arcana: This area can only be accessed through a portal https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/c/c2/Inquest_Portal.png/20px-Inquest_Portal.png west from the Erudition Arcade, only available after completing https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/4/49/Event_gather_%28map_icon%29.png/20px-Event_gather_%28map_icon%29.png Navigate Isgarren's wards (80). After a while the portal will disappear and everyone inside will be kicked out.



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