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Hi, I would like to see a discussion on synergetic build combinations with specific relics. My picks are as follows so far. 

Defender Relic + Virtuoso: heal per block (1 sec ICD). Carrion numbers: 1st heal @ 5%: 1250, 2nd heal @ 4%: 1000, etc. Has diminishing returns but rarely are the negligible numbers reached. 

Unseen Relic + Most Thieves: superspeed uptime via stealth usage seems reliable. Stacks with SA trait. Deadeye can dodge once for 5 seconds of superspeed (1.5 entry + 2 entry + 1.5 exit). 

Antitoxin Relic + any warrior (fast hands + brawler' recovery traits). 2 conditions removed per 5 second weapon swap. Possibly more useful on AoE cleanse builds? 

Speed Relic + any swiftness heavy build. 

Any good combinations you have found with particular relics? Also, is it fair for lynx and traveler runes to still have a +25% movement increase whereas all other runes (I think) seem watered down into simple stat modifiers? 

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