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* astral gate decoration & all new decorations & scribing suggestions & relic system? & game-wide reward opportunities & research notes *

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I have 2 elegant square pillars and could craft the Astral Wall but the Astral Gate is saying I have 0 elegant square pillars. Seems like a bug. Astral Ward Door and the 2 panels same scenario.

An easily avoidable bug if, instead of going through the trouble of falling back to the old convoluted scribe recipe format (for a feature that has been mostly neglected and a profession that has needed quality of life improvements since its inception)... AND using highly expensive materials AND time gated account bound materials via Charged Quartz Crystals....

You could have just gone with a story unlock and a vendor that sells these decorations like you did in Jahai and in Lake Doric. 

I'm glad you thought to add some this time around but I'll basically never make any of them because they are far too expensive and at this point in the game (festival decorations a bit more understandable) vendors with tokens are a time saver for everyone. 

Perhaps if you eventually do improve this aspect of the game (in some distant alternate reality) you could consider adding even MORE decorations using in-game assets with a simple account wide currency? Astral acclaim opportunity? I mean it's not like you don't have PLENTY of options... 

I could be entirely wrong and there may be a select group of 10 or 15 people out there that absolutely love this system as it is, love opening and closing 15 windows and remaking a planter 8 times, but I genuinely think moving away from recipes or revamping this system to be significantly easier both on the player and for development would be welcomed by the vast majority. 

I'm assuming ya'll got the wrong key linked in this recipe or something (assuming somekind of sql format), but this is an unnecessarily convoluted system to begin with and now it's an eventual bugfix. 

Suggestions to this system:

My favorable solution would be to turn all of these into the token/trading system like we have with Lake Doric, Jahai, Raiding decorations, etc. This would be retroactive for all existing scribing decorations. 

Existing scribing system would either:

Remain decoration oriented but be a system where a user crafts a "work order" and the aetherium device or whatever just takes that work order and creates it. (1 interaction with revised recipes/material requirements (new material dump opportunity for things like eye of kormir etc that currently don't have others?). 


Be replaced with the newly introduced relic system in mind - a system where people can craft relics to put on the auction house.
Something that people seem to be complaining about and I don't personally enjoy is the lack of relics, lack of variation in effects, etc. 

For that matter, this system could be both for a slightly heavier lift with a lot of potential long-term benefits. 

Converting to a token system rather than recipes you gain multiple opportunities for game-wide rewards that actually FEEL rewarding, multiple game-modes, drop-methods, mobs, chests, bags, bags of chests within boxes, wvw mobs. The sky is the limit!

1.  Besides just green and yellow unidentified gear or crafting materials you could have decoration tokens that drop; Everything from the most basic of decorations to rarer.
2. Make them tradable so people that aren't interested in them aren't stuck with them, make them depositable like a crafting material so they don't clutter inventory. 
3. You've created a more evergreen system that I'm only assuming would be far easier to maintain and expand, even if it requires more resources than desirable in the short-term. 
4. You have the ability to rework scribing to craft either the token/work order for the token itself, AND a new way to craft relics;
5. A system that makes guild decorations vastly more accessible to players that don't have full guild upgrades (though I believe that system should be made far more accessible [as someone that's spent thousands on conversions just for decorations and assisting in multiple guild upgrades including further exploration).
Potentially broaden the relic system to things like "weapon sigils, potential craft able infusions opportunity?, Major and Minor relics to recreate the lost 3/6 rune bonus loss, and potentially infusions.

[Obtainment opportunity beyond ultra-rng to craft the rarest of infusions as a guaranteed obtainment method for all players, even if a potentially extremely long-term goal or highly costly requirement that could also net some profits in gem to gold conversion, and potentially be expanded into the gemstore similar to decorations.] (account-wide like the legendary system and automatically unlocked for all current legendary rune/sigil account owners)

The UI could simply be a pretty animation at the top and a raw material list to skip lesser versions of items - the recipe discovery tab in crafting stations already seems to do something like this? I guess this didn't make it through to scribing for decorations but seems to be much easier to implement with this token revamp.

I'm sure this is a crazy heavy lift and should be broken down into much smaller chunks with metrics to determine whether it's justified or not.

I also wonder if it wouldn't be advantageous from a community engagement perspective to just have findings of whatever metrics you're using tag manager for that tracks thread/subject engagement (I'm assuming) as a way to engage weekly with the community in a very structured way that encourages more and healthy engagement. (Especially if this could be linked to gaining astral acclaim for the week when completing the survey if that's technically possible?)  LLM that could be leveraged to help with suggestion/text/comment validation to match the poll? 

I'm guessing economic impact is a concern, in terms of raw materials but that still seems like something that could be balanced with material cost and drop rate control. (Could we also make these tokens salvageable for research notes? I heard research notes were in this expansion and am wondering if there's been an endless research note extractor device on the gemstore yet?)

Just trying to be constructive. Haven't played in awhile, got excited about the new decorations, and while not extremely disappointed because these things happen, still to this day wonder why we have so many in-game assets that seem like they could just be given collision or have collision turned on, and monetized or incorporated as rewards beyond just unidentified gear.


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