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10 Reasons I like warrior....


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  1. Always a solid option
  2. Can hold his own against any class
  3. Doesn't fold easily when ganked, contributes greatly to team fights
  4. All 3x elite are viable and offer different gameplay from group play to solo and PVP
  5. Can be played in all gamemodes with success
  6. Easy to grasp
  7. The highest base HP allows to use of any gear combo
  8. Negligible weaknesses at this point
  9. Fun to play
  10. The heavy armour archetype always looks good in this game

People may disagree with me ofc, but I find the current balance for Warrior, the best it has ever been in ages and it's a joy to play the class, The natural sturdiness and easy-to-grasp basics make it my to-go choice over other heavy armor professions.

...I do hope that staff will offer better team support options with a tad of dmg for frontline support gameplay, which I enjoy a lot on SB, but could be better

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  • Arheundel.6451 changed the title to 10 Reasons I like warrior....

Spellbreaker is the teamfighter, Bladesworn is the Bruiser and Berseker the condi variant. Only the vocal minority here on the forum hates the bladesworn and really for no practical reason other than personal bias. Broken sustain?....I have many examples flying around that suit that profile: vindicator - renegade - some variants of ranger, chronobunker  and now virtuoso bunker , harbinger, scourge and death line reaper, scrappers and they all fulfill an important role : Pissing people off, who can't get a fast kill..that's their purpose.

I love to play with an equal playing field, when facing these super tanks like vindi or renegade or while being ganked by 4-5 people...I have bladesworn to jump on





To the contrary I've heard streamers say Bladesworn is one of the best-designed especs.

Essentially, it replaces your burst skill with something actually good at strike damage. So you can use it with Hammer or Rifle and still do good damage. (I've personally benched 32k dps on Rifle rotation.)

While it's true Gunsaber isn't the most interesting weapon, it does have nuances which separate it from the competition. Its ability to both chase enemies and shoot a limited number of projectiles make it very good in PvP.

I do agree that it could be slightly buffed in PvE. Specifically Skill #2 is undertuned compared to the rest of the kit. I would also consider adding a CC to skill#5.

However, as a whole, Gunsaber is very well designed when you really consider its uses.

I agree the utility skills feel very bad, and this is an issue affecting most EOD Specs.



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