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Dev's ,Constant crashing on one character ranger only! Fixed!

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Im adding here that this is not a pc issue. i have 3 pc's in my house all loaded up with the game. Every one of them are crashing on my ranger, esp when i open the build tab. I believe there was an issue a long time ago with ranger characters, because i had read a post about it back in 2018 or something. It was along the same lines can play every char except ranger without crashing.

The report indicates a lot of missing texture, and things.  im thinking it may be due to ranger staff, I was logged in as druid and i swapped to SB first i swapped my equipment, then went to swap build and thats where im stuck. Lots of nulls and falses 

Edit Been fixed with a repair 

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  • Tiviana.2650 changed the title to Dev's ,Constant crashing on one character ranger only! Fixed!

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