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Relics should bring back the quirky & suboptimal rune/sigil traits

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I was very disappointed upon logging in on patch day to find my flavoured character themed around the Cwn Annwn is no longer able to summon her rock dog in combat, to fight with her other hounds. But the whole relic system had so much potential to let us go BACK to playing around with silly thematic set bonuses without having to equip poor stat combinations.

You have an entire expansion themed around fleshy demons and a system replacing the old 6 piece rune bonuses, and nobody thought to do things like stick the old sigil of demons effect on one? I seriously miss the days of my Necromancer rolling up to events with a Fleshreaver in tow.

Be creative, be adventurous. Decoupling systems should allow for more space to experiment in, not less.

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