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[Bug] Cannot pick up collection item

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As I am getting a 404 error on every image I have put on Imgur, here is the description. It is in the north-east of the Grand Library of Amnytras. It is on the bottom left of the bookcase on the upper level, the one that Archivist Scorchbound is looking at. The text is "Interesting Bookshelf". The interact is "Pick Up a Book [F]". I can click on the Interesting Bookshelf. This does nothing. I can use my F key, that also does nothing.

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Beaten to it. As Inculpatus has mentioned, there is already a page on it on the wiki.  Quick question, do you have the Sorrow's Lost collection active? 


I ask this because one of the missing Oracle cards is called "The Forager"

It is obtained by interacting with this interesting bookshelf. I'm just wondering if you don't have Sorrow's Lost active is the bookshelf working as intended? i.e nothing happens until you are have the Sorrow's lost collection active?

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