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Zojja's Journal: Jade Mech Habitation Zone 03

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I think it's actually another issue on most instances. There's an NPC that bugs out if a person fails during her escort. She's called "Min-Ji". She is supposed to be resurrected and then escorted by the player for her section of Stormy Silvercrest's escort mission. However, she enters a state that is between life and death. She'll have a full HP bar and yet have UI that requests for her resurrection. She doesn't get killed and then moved back to her old location for the next person to do the escort. You can't trigger her resurrection, because she's alive, so you cannot trigger the next chain of events.

You can see her on the map on top of a building with the UI for "Fallen Ally" on all bugged instances for this event. The event name for Stormy Silvercrest that he gets stuck on is "Help the Kestrels search for survivors." The survivor is supposed to be Min-Ji.

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