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The numerical value of the Wizard's Vault.

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Every three months with the old log-in system

Per month:

20 Mystic Coins

35 Laurels

9 Tomes of Knowledge

4 Celebration Boosters

+ chaff that has low impact on the game.

Every month either +20 Tomes of Knowledge, Ascended materials, 20 Laurels, seven Mystic Clovers

Per three months

60 Mystic Coins

105 Laurels

27 Tomes of  Knowledge

12 Celebration Posters

Either +60 Tomes of Knowledge, Ascended materials, +60 Laurels, 21 mystic Clovers

The Wizard's Vault will be replenished every three months so, total values only

55 Mystic Coins

150 Laurels

35 Tomes of Knowledge

20 Mystic Clovers

- chaff

Som on the face of it it does give less than the old system. Except with the weekly rewards over three months, you get

120 Laurels

12 Tomes of Knowledge

12 Celebration Boosters.

The real difference is that you have to work more for these things and they're available, in the case of Mystic Coins, easier available to more people.

When it comes to gold the daily only gives 1, so over a period of 30 days 90 gold. When it comes to the old system it gave 180 gold. Except, now you can get 90 gold from the Wizard's Vaults, so, that's the same, and being able to frontload is better for practical use. And you can sell the Black Lion Mastery Coffer for 1 gold each, so, that's an additional 20 gold.

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