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Did anyone notice that the Amnytas meta boss looks very similar to Hermaeus Mora from Elder Scrolls?

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Not the first time they're inspired by TES. Dagda looks like an Orsimer for example. Even the whole void thing was identical to TES. Could it be that GW and TES exist in the same universe? 
I'm a huge TES fan, Elder Scrolls and Guild Wars universe are my favorite fantasy games. 
It's very obvious since ESO released an expansion with Hermaeus Mora and more daedra focus. 
Also Elder Scrolls lore's outer world to Nirn is pretty similar to the Mists. 
The daily change makes it even more obvious in which direction gw2 goes as it's ESO's daily endeavors copy pasted. Well ESO copy pasted WvW so why not. 
I've been a TES fan since Morrowind btw but I see so many similarities now. 
Any other GW and TES fans noticing the same? I know for certain that somethings like the beastslayer glider was inspired by Monster Hunter (another of my favorite franchise) so why wouldn't ANet be inspired by Elder Scrolls. 

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There's a lot of reference material in GW2, so it's not surprising to see familiarity. Some of it is deliberate too, such as references to Star Wars, The Goonies, Terminator, Indiana Jones, and unsurprisingly in this chapter I did catch a Harry Potter reference. So it's not surprising to see a little reference here or there, with an artistic touch from Anet. The floating demon turrets in SOTO for example remind me of Destiny 2 Shriekers. Peitha feels like the alternate to D4 Lilith. The meta boss makes me think more of Cacodemons from Doom, with a touch of Cthulhu. All cool stuff IMO, even if it's a mixture of references with a different twist.

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4 hours ago, Redfeather.6401 said:

It is kind of funny. This year the elder scroll's online expansion did a theme with arcane knowledge, mystery and with tentacle god. 😲

I don't play that game anymore as it has serious issues, but I still love watching their trailers.


Exactly! There's been a pattern for this quite a lot. 
Elsweyr and PoF (also Assassin's Creed Odyssey jumped onto the desert trend) 
Greymoor and IBS
It's just so funny seeing a lot of similarities between two of my fav franchises. 
Although SOTO is better than Necrom in my opinion. Eso story isn't instanced solo like in gw2 and people can one shot bosses for you and ruin your immersion pretty quickly and then insult you for needing 3 hits to kill a boss instead of one. ESO has an extremely toxic community and I only play it because I'm waiting for TES6 and I want more TES content taht isn't yet another Skyrim rerelease. 

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3 hours ago, Debesyla.7102 said:

And did you notice that humans look similar to kitten Sapiens species we have IRL!? Clearly Anet ripped off real life! 🙃

(Hah, the forums censor species name...)

Humans in Thyria (the planet) are clearly aliens brought by the gods for an unknown reason. I still want more lore and explanation about this. 

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7 hours ago, Taclism.2406 said:

It also looks like Yogg Saron in WoW and probably many other iterations

Burger shaped monster with a billion eyes / huge mouth is pseudo-lovecraft monster 101

More like N’Zoth which is hilarious considering Dragonfight’s story. 

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4 hours ago, Tiamat.8254 said:

Did you also notice that the wayfinder also looks exactly like the commander? 🤯

I did notice that SOTO and Wayfinder released almost at the same time and then the commander was suddenly called wayfinder

IDK, just kind of funny

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17 hours ago, Cynder.2509 said:

Well ESO copy pasted WvW so why not. 

The only part where I kind of disagree. ZOS, the developers behind ESO, was founded (for ZeniMax) by Matt Firor, who was one of the original heads behind Dark Age of Camelot, the game that kind of started this kind of PvP interaction with it's Realm vs Realm PvP. However, Realm vs Realm was trademarked, so GW2 couldn't use it (and picked World vs World instead) and ESO decided to go Alliance vs Alliance. Just a bit of video game history there.🙂

Also this whole list skips one other thing: When Guild Wars 2 changed the instancing towards an automatic system away from individual servers back in I think it was 2015 (or so?), they called the concept "Megaserver". Know what? That's what ESO called its server architecture right from the beginning, which works very similar to GW2's current system.

But either way, nothing wrong in copying popular and working concepts. Otherwise we wouldn't have that variety of shooters, simulations, strategy games, roleplay games, MMOs, etc.😉

PS: Anyone able to post a screenshot of the new boss for comparisons?

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