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Tracking mastery points in ui


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12 minutes ago, Max.5280 said:

Why is this not a thing yet? You can track PoI, hearts, way points, even hero points, but no mastery points?

There are some Master Insights (MI) that you can see on map, but doesn't belong to that map as you need to do instanced content like DRM to access those MI. If compass would direct you to those MI then you would have players complaining about why those can't be access directly from being on those maps.

The best way to track down MI and MP are to use GW2 wiki.



Combine this with Hero Panels Achievement section where you can track down what MI you have done or still have to do to get done.

Another option would be to use BlishHUD with Pathing (and download which marker packages you find more useful). Those map marker packages have setting where you can disable everything else you don't want to show and will also be greyed out (disabled) when you interact with those Map markers like Mastery Insights.

Look at video to understand how BlishHUD work and hot make use of Pathing where you can pick which marker package that work best for you. Pathing and BlishHUD make use of overlayer in game, so it will not interact with game, but you need to set up and API key in your GW2 account and copy that to BlishHUD to make it possible to track which MI or map marker you have interacted with.



(Log in on the account you play on, if you have several accounts, make sure it is the account you want to track your maps marker on. Go to https://account.arena.net/applications  and create an API key as instructed from video and from within BlishHUD, copy that key into BlishHUD and now Pathing should be able to keep track of what you have interacted with as map markers and that for each character on that account. MI is account wide so this you only need to do once, but every other map marker will need to be done again on a new character to unlock map marker and POI, Vista, HP/HC and other objects that related to map like achievements etc.)

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