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Feedback from an 11 year Warrior Main: The Class is Bland. MWGA


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I love Warrior, and I won't ever quit playing it. However, it's so bland now that every other profession has more weapon options than the traditional "weapon master."

Warrior is a class that traditionally has the most weapon options, and the most amount of viable weapon options. Why, then, do we have 2.5 power specializations, and useless weapons?

We didn't even get a main hand pistol from bladesworn, all-be-it the gunsaber is super cool.

Weaponmaster training affects warrior the least. Primal Burst for the dagger may be useful somewhere, somehow, but it's just so lack-luster

God forbid Staff is yet ANOTHER power/CC Melee weapon.


TL;DR, Please Anet, Make Warrior Great Again

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"Why, then, do we have 2.5 power specializations, and useless weapons?"

Because they for some reason do not want to give Warriors the same kind of access to near mandatory tools (mainly boon accessibility) that practically every other class has with the exception of Thief, but Thief can at least teleport/dash across a whole PvP map or completely out of combat/danger in WvW while also being invisible.

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