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Does Reporting For Botting Do Anything?

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Nope, reporting does nothing. waste of time, Anet seems completely fine with afk farmers. theres one i Soutsun that parks 15 accounts (all one person, 15 accounts) and I have seen him list as many as 20K karka shells at a time. been reported so many times by so many ppl, he still sits there, makin bank. probably a gold seller too. they dont care

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1 hour ago, Akisohida.8963 said:

Today alone, I've seen every entrance to the Dabiji Hollows camped by groups of AFK Necromancers.

I report them but, hours later, they still are there, just AFK farming.


Something needs to be done. Having AFKers just picking their noises is a bad image for new players.

That question have been asked so many times, so there is really no need to create a post about and mods here have nothing to do with in game systems.  They are only here to mod this forum.

Report in game is all you can do!

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From experience, I can say nope. I've reported tons of people for afk farming and people plopping up under the map just to disappear in a second again as well as PvP goldseller bots over the course of all these years and still there'S no action taken against them. 
Also the whole report feature needs an overhaul with more specified categories. It would also be nice to have a report feature for ranger pets and mechs. I've seen some horrible slurs on these. It's insane you can't report offensive pet names after all these years yet. Just recently I've seen an extremely racist mech name but I couldn't do anything about it. 
People like this who think they're edgy or funny by naming their pet very innapropiate and bots ruin the game

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No, reports have absolutely no effect. Perhaps those functions are just placeholders. And even direct contact with support had no impact last time. However, they pay good attention to gold transfers; last time my account got banned and I had to send them proof that it wasn't RMT but a transfer from a friend. So account was in ban for about 24 hours.

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