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Fractal CMs are broken since SotO

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First of all, Silent Surf (100 CM) is almost unplayable at the moment. Sometimes you get lucky and can clear the encounter but most of the time, the aspects will swap targets after they already choose one, teleport on the central main platform and get untargatable resulting in a guaranted wipe.

Then ...

Sunqua (99 CM): Ai is afk and does nothing until 66%. The CC phase before Sorrow in the night phase seems also buggy. Normally, you can ignore the breakbar when Sorrow spawns. CC'ing would only remove the outer AoEs. But I had multiple encounters now with the split mechanic activating while the Sorrow phase is active. 

Shattered Observatorium (98 CM): Artsariiv goes afk after the first CC split and stays at the center, also missing her lasers, making the whole fight absolutely trivial.


Dear ANet, the CMs are broken for a few days now and you still didn't fixed them. Something like that does not reflect well on Guild Wars 2, since end content such as raids or fractal CMs are kinda like "flagship" content. In general, strikes are also often buggy, which is simply unacceptable. But a completely unplayable fractal for several days? There is no excuse for that. Please work on your quality assurance. 

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As a workaround for Silent Surf CM to prevent the 66 % phase from becoming bugged:

A player needs to GG when the 66 % phase starts (when the boss becomes invul and before the adds spawn).
Stay dead until adds are killed and use a revive orb (or let your party rez you).

That way, you can't get the title, but at least you don't have to restart the entire fight.

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Still, aNet even staging a fractal rush event while having all those longlasting - partly gamebreaking - bugs, well, that's a whole new level of irony.

3 weeks, several bugfix-patches later and not one patch addressing fractal bugs - not even some quick information stating hey, we know about that, we are working on that.

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