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[Bug] Help the Rata Novans prepare for a party

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  • 3 weeks later...

You also need to be careful to press the right buttons. I think the order is in number on some sheet nearby and it might not overlap with the order of your number buttons on the keyboard. (I have left hand 1-5 and the right hand I use alphabetical keys + as alternative set numbers which I set because of the bell choir in wintersday. Noticed that - for some reason - I set it one number off. I think because I also keep the special action key on 6.)

When I noticed my mistake I only progressed things correctly with 0 bug at all.

Contrary to ther person above: I had to play not tooo fast though. (Seemed like they need time to listen to "learn" the notes.) Not too slow either. Press and let the so und play and when it almost finished press the next one. Not hammering keys with just a few miliseconds in between or letting the note play fully and then some gap until you play the next one.

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