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Broken daily mini-dungeon (Valdhertz)

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Firstly, I haven't even started the EoD story, so once again I had to port to friend to a zone I shouldn't even be in yet so I'd have a chance at completing all of my dailies.

Secondly, when I got there, I found out there's a prerequisite collection to do before I'm allowed in the mini-dungeon that was chosen as my daily (short collection, but still annoying for a daily).

Finally, after completing the mini-dungeon, the door to the chest is bugged and won't open, leaving me without the 40 AA (10 for the daily, plus 30 for completing them all) and 1g.

Please Please PLEASE give us a choice of more dailies to complete, rather than only 3 that have to be completed for full credit. If this had happened last week, I could easily have chosen the 4th PvE daily, or hopped into WvW or PvP and completed one (or more) dailies there.

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