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Looking for a guild


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Hi ! I'm representing The Turtle Academy [TAXI] - we do turtle stuff, like racing, flying, offering taxi services, helping people with turtle stampede adventures or organising funny events. If you're interested in that or if you're just curious to try it out, you call me.

Now if that's not your thing, you might want to help other guilds find you ! What type of guild are you looking for ?

--> PvE, WvW, sPvP, other ?

--> If PvE, do you want to get in raids, fractals, strikes, dungeons ? Are you experienced already or would you prefer a noob-friendly guild with training sessions/groups ?

--> if other, check out United Arts of Tyria, they're a big community gathering artists and niche guilds together to help them and organise events together : fashion, video, screenshots, art, jumping puzzles, beetle & griffon racing...

--> guild size (family / small / big) ? average age ? objectives (have fun / make profit / be the best...)

--> maybe the hours around which you're usually available to play ?

Now I know finding a guild that fits you is hard, I've been through it as well. Don't be afraid to leave a guild you don't feel like playing with. But if I had one advice to give : get in voice channels. Even if you don't talk at first, you'll get to know people way better and it will be much more engaging

Hope you find your home, friend, even if it's not in The Turtle Academy 🐢

Good luck & never stop having fun !

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The Meow House [CAT] is seeking both new and seasoned players to join us in a fun and family style guild.

We are not the same as other guilds, we’re not looking to be “the biggest and meanest”, we’re looking for new friends. We don't want you to be just a number, we want to get to know you.

We are primarily a PvE Guild, very casual and active. We do a little of everything, including Fractals, Dungeons, Dragon Response Missions, Strikes. We do guild missions weekly. If you need assistance with your personal story let us know, we’re more than happy to help! Those wanting to run in WvW will find us on Devona's Rest (mostly), and we occasionally do PvP.

We have a Discord server and are building up our guild hall aggressively. With your help we will continue to grow and flourish.

Our main focus is having FUN!! 

We are looking forward to having you join the guild and maybe even our sister guild as well. Our sister guild is The Madhouse Retreat [MAD] owned by JABYRD.9278. They are very similar to [CAT] but have their eyes on higher end-game content in the near future.

So, if you’re looking for friends and need a place to set down roots, we really are a fun bunch!

Come and join us! You know you want to 😉


Disa Wyrmhunter, Norn Soulbeast

Banrigh.5932 (Guild Leader)


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