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We WANT A.NET to make Edge of the Mists map part of regular WvW and add to the regular score!!!


Do we want ANET to make Edge of the Mists map part of regular WvW score?   

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  1. 1. Do we want ANET to make Edge of the Mists map part of regular WvW score?

    • YES.

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Everyone has been waiting for NEW WvW maps forever!!!  I just saw you already added this awesome Edge of the Mists map.  Why is it not part of the regular WvW score !?!?!?!  

Make Edge of the Mists part of the regular WvW maps and have it add to the score like every other map!  We need MORE MAPS THAT COUNT.

JESUS ANET!  There should be a new WvW map expansion every 3-4 years !  Keep it growing.  

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Ok, some counter arguments:

* It is generally frowned upon and seen as rude to "talk for everybody", so you'll get negative reactions to using words such as "Everyone" and "We" etc. Just a tip for how to avoid initial bias against your posts.

* A sizeable group of players have actually wanted ANet to delete DesertBL and honestly never touch maps ever again, as they don't like Desert/EotM maps at all.

* One of the reasons they can't add EotM into normal WvW is that the normal WvW is designed specifically around 1 BG + 3 BL maps. And EotM is designed as a BG map, so it would have to replace EBG, which is the by far most popular map and would make a lot of players angry. To change that, they'd have to change the entire system to 4 BG maps, and remove BL maps, and they don't have the maps to do that, unless they just run 3 EBG + 1 EOTM.

* The other reason is that something has to be in the EOTM system, the half WvW system for covering potential queue's, And the map is named after the mode and works specifically with it. So they'd have to duplicate the map, which likely isn't something ANet wants to do, and probably would confuse a good bit of players. Imagine casuals going into the same map in 2 different situations and the team dynamics and points basically work different each time?

* One of the big draws with PVP games and formats for game developers/designers, is that they generally require less actual content updates than PVE games/formats. As the actual PVP itself is the main attraction and creates a self generating system. So long as the PVP is popular/works, they can release much less content over time. Just to remind players that PVP game modes are never expected to get nearly as much "content" as PVE does, and often of different types than PVE typically does. Just tossing in bunch of more standard PVE content into a PVP format usually doesn't work as well as a lot of players expect.

* Expanding the number of players is, well technically unfeasible. The total player number per maps have already been reduced a couple of times since launch, simply to reduce skill-lag. So increasing that is not going to happen. And that's besides the point we currently have some kind of problem (likely with certain skills) that actually can near collapse a server into lag long before a map is even full.

* Expanding to 4 teams serves no purpose, as the point of 3 ways is to have the two weaker servers 2vs1 against the stronger. A 4 team would weaken that mechanic (not that players are good at doing that in the first place, but they'd be even worse at it with 4 teams). Also, if they did expand to 4 teams they'd have to: Remake all the maps, so you'd certainly never see new ones. Reduce the map limit per team even further to fit in another group of players before reaching the max cap and thus more lag. Lots of UI changes which seemingly is something of a bottleneck for WvW. And they'd probably have to redo most of the spagetthi code that WvW runs off from, considering it took them years to change some numbers for the WvW AP I'd honestly rather expect them to make a new game faster than they'd go through all of this.

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Please, don't make people who don't care about WvW try to design a map. It just won't be competitive or fun. They'll just add some desert map barricade, triple the cannons/oils on each gate and CC spamming lords junk that is maybe fun first time you see it, and after that it becomes annoying.

Just increase amount of EBs and go towards old objective balance. Maps and balance created by devs who actually cared about RvR gamemodes and didn't just try to make as overpowered guild hall upgrades and shield generators possible to promote expansion whle foregoing any competitiveness or longetivity.

For example it is ridiculous how they wasted resources to try to rebalance shield gens like 5 times which still do exactly the same thing while needing exactly same amount of them to upkeep immunity to all siege. They just don't have very WvW dedicated thoughtprocess. They're throwing bandages on broken bones.

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We've had this discussion for many years, I'm not gonna rehash it again....

My only question is, you mentioned 4 teams, so who's the 4th team? ow pve players? cause the 3 teams is the current 3 sides and their colors, so who's the 4th? Also eotm is a 3 sided map, so where's the 4th side going? underbelly side of the middle of the map? mystical cloud city spawn in the sky? middle of the ruins in alpines/desert? smc in ebg?

Make it make sense for the rest of us.

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How can you even play WvW and seriously suggest adding a fourth team when the servers can't even handle three-way fights?

Right, you "just" discovered EotM so you're probably not even an active WvW player. So maybe don't speak for everyone.

EotM isn't part of the regular WvW score because it was created as a map for people who were stuck in queue for ebg/borderlands. There you'd be thrown together with other servers that have the same team colour as you and if there were already too many people on one team the game would create a new overflow just like in pve. If your team (colour, not server/link!) wins in EotM you'll get a supply drop in the citadel on your home border. Unfortunately, EotM has been mostly left out concerning new additions in WvW like gliding, mounts and even pips so it's mostly dead nowadays apart from guilds looking for a spot to GvG. Also a lot of people hate the concept of being able to drop to their death at every other corner. Sooo... no, a lot of people would not be happy about your proposition.

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