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Superior Rune of the Chronomancer is a straight downgrade from Superior Rune of the Pack

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Superior Rune of the Pack             Superior Rune of the Chronomancer
+25  Power                                        +25  Power
+5%  Boon Duration                       +35  Precision
+50  Power                                        +50  Power
+10%  Boon Duration                     +65  Precision
+100  Power                                      +100  Power
+125  Precision                                 +10% Boon Duration

Power                        +175                +175
Precision                   +125                +100
Boon Duration        +15%               +10%

Bonus 6 for Boon Duration has the same strength as Bonus 4 (+10%)
If this is changed to +20% instead (equivalent to 65 Precision Bonus 4 -> 125 Precision Bonus 6) then the difference would be acceptable.
Any % in Bonus 6 is a trap until this changes.
Although percentages are very powerful and +20% would be too big.
This is seen in many other % stats like +10% Condition Duration on Bonus 4 and 6 being the same, and potentially having the same issue in the future.

Since every 15 points of Concentration adds 1% to boon duration, another solution would be to nerf % runes by attributing them +25, +35, +50, +65, +100, +125 Concentration for their respective Bonus tier.
Same could apply to Expertise (% Condition Duration).
This solution is already working fine for Precision (% Critical Chance) and Ferocity (% Critical Damage).

Another thing to point at, that's related to the Rune changes, is that many of them have boring differences like
Superior Rune of the Holosmith       Superior Rune of the Spellbreaker
TOTAL                       Power +175       +175
                               Precision +125       +100
                                  Vitality +100       +125

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It's because the main difference for many runes was the 6th non-stat bonus (quickness on wells) that was moved to relics. Far more people were using pack runes than chronomancer runes so this is not surprising that pack runes ended up being stronger. Arenanet really made a huge mistake pushing out the relic system before it was fully ready.

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