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Unable to get any event to count for Securing the Bastions: Bastion of the Celestial

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any update from this??? I repeated/replay the story 5x already, participated at least 2x events near in each 6 island wp. including middle wp. still nothing 5/6.
its frustrating because you need the achievement buff icon thingy and everytime you replay the story you need the "Uncommon Kryptis Motivation" 3g+ atm

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I to was stuck at 5/6 for several days. For me the only event that I found that counted was the 6 tentacle events that spawn, one at each bastion, as the first part of the meta. I ensured that I was at the event site when it spawned and participated in the entire event. Because I had previously just randomly participated in the meta before I wrote down which bastions I did to ensure I did not miss one. Eventually I got 6/6.

Just my two cents in case it helps.

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I had the same problem and I tried several things. Working solution was:

- Start Chapter 8 (Into the Opscure)

- Talk to Frode

- Go to Zoja (in her instance)

- Amnytas: Talk to Rian & Kamilla -> do the T2 Rift (the rift did not count towards the achievement) but the icon "Achievement Eligibility: Securing the Bastions" is now visible (You need to use a T2 Motivation...).

Now you can do three events at the bastions (then the achievement eligibility disappears) and don't forget the Bastion of the Natural. For me this was the missing one. 

But most likely you have to do this twice...  



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So........  I was 5/6 for this whole week, multiple events, rifts tier 1, 2, 3, tenticals, story, no story, reseting the whole story, only doing part of the story, main events, side events, solo, in groups. As many combination of things I could think of and on all Bastons.

I just did a random event all alone on a low population map while reading the internet,  It was dashing through fire balls, I only did it once, no one else around (was not paying attention) in Bastion of Stregth. Esentially a nothing small task event.

Edit Note: The event was "Destroy The Kripts Turets"

This gave me credit 6/6. Go figure. No idea really. Maybe I should space the game more often.

Not much help, 


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