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skyscale old masteries bugged

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i unlocked the skyscale throught the a new friend achivment  but it seems kinda bugged like i have completed all pof and LS4  chapters but i still cant get the old masteries unlocked.
When you get it throught a new friend achivment it says you need to complete pof and LS4 to get old masteries but nope i cant get them

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12 minutes ago, BeGentle.9312 said:

Hey, I also wondering why, I also unlock Skyscale via "A New Friend" Achievement but there is no Skyscale PoF Masteries showing up.

None of OP's screenshots showed that he completed Skyscale through the old way, all it says is that he did the story, which never unlocked Skyscale on their own.
You get SoTo Skyscale Mastery from A new Friend, and the LW4 Masteries only get unlocked by doing it the old way.

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