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Archivist Ikur lost his specialty merchant icon.

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He teased the other day when i went looking for him, after totally forgetting where he was. I called out his name and he shouted through the PA system, "You can't see me!" Then I asked for directions, and everybody just shrugged their shoulders or told me to look at the map... I replied that he had no icon on the map... and finally one Asura chuckled and raised a special relic icon and said that Ikur is always dropping it on the ground. Nobody knows if it's accidental or on purpose, but the Asura has his suspicions. PLEASE glue the icon to his head and onto the map so he stops discarding his symbol!

PS: I DID locate him eventually, after passing him several times. I finally spotted him when i saw that he spread his fingers, raised his hand, and waved it back and forth in front of his face. And he had his GW2 baseball cap on backwards, or sideways, and then he started rapping...

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