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A Proper Comparison

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There have been many posts regarding the changes introduced by the removal of the previous system and its replacement by the Wizard’s Vault (including one by myself). As I read the various posts, I realized that people kept lumping two distinctive things together and comparing from there. Objectively speaking, Log-in Rewards should compare the previous system to the current system. Then the Dailies should be compared to the Wizard’s Vault’s Daily Objectives.

Log-in Rewards – previous vs. current

The previous Log-in Rewards system had a 28 Day-cycle over which you earned the following simply by logging in and accepting the chest in the lower right-hand corner of the screen: 20 Mystic Coins, 35 Laurels, 20 Exotic Essences of Luck (i.e. 2000 Luck), 10 Tomes of Knowledge, 4 random Gem Store items, 3 Transmutation charges, 2 Bags of Fine Crafting Materials, 1 Celebration Booster, 1 Chest of Exotic Equipment, a 2% permanent increase to account gold find, and 1 Chest of Loyalty (which allowed players to choose one of the following: 1 Vision Crystal and 1-2 refined ascended crafting materials OR 8 Obsidian Shards and 7 Mystic Clovers OR 20 Laurels OR 6 Tomes of Knowledge.

The Wizard’s Vault System provides 5 Astral Acclaim accessed by clicking on the Wizard’s Vault icon at the top left-hand side of the screen, and then requiring an additional click on the Daily Log-in chest. For a period of 28 days, that will yield 140 Astral Acclaim.

Both systems do not require anything more than a couple of clicks to acquire the reward. Comparatively speaking, over 28 days the former Log-in Reward system far surpasses the Wizard’s Vault:

Dailies vs. Wizard’s Vault’s Daily Objective Rewards

Twelve Daily achievements in three categories: four in PvE, four in PvP, and four in WvW. Completing ANY three of the twelve provided 2 Gold, 3 Spirit Shards, and 10 Achievement Points (with a cap of 15,000 for Daily achievement points, including any monthly achievement points earned from a former system). 

Each Daily rewarded a chest specific to each type of achievement which could include some combination of three to four of the following: plants, lumber, ore, identified/unidentified gear (fine, masterwork, or rare), Writs of Experience (of which 20 could be traded in for a Tome of Knowledge), Resonating Slivers, a Mystic Coin, Dragonite Ore, Empyreal Fragments, Thimble of Liquid Karma, Scrap of Maguuma Mastery, Airship Parts, Lumps of Aurillium, Ley-Line Crystals, Machete, Scrap of Desert Mastery, Trade Contracts, Potion of PvP Reward, Shard of Glory, Badges of Honor, Potion of WvW Reward, Mist-Hardened Lockbox. 

NOTE: I may have missed a few items, but suffice to say that Anet did a good job of trying to fit the reward to the achievement.

If a player completed more than the three, that player would earn the reward for each completed achievement. This encouraged players to try out different styles.

Also, all players got mostly the same set of twelve achievements to pick from (“mostly” due to Expansion Pack related ones that overrode core and previous ex-packs). This inspired players to team up to get something done. Or, if a player was having problems on a map, when the achievement(s) were map related, that provided a greater number of players to help get things accomplished.

Wizard’s Vault
First, a player has to choose which style(s) they want Anet's RNG to choose from: PvE, and/or PvP, and/or WvW. 

Then each day the RNG will randomly choose three Daily Objectives for each player dependent on what portions of the game the player owns, regardless of whether or not that player has, is ready for, or even wants to play in that area. Players have NO choice here – they are stuck with what is given to them. Also, Anet’s choice varies from player to player. So, teaming up to accomplish these dailies is based upon having the favor of the RNG deities.

For each Daily Objective completed and chest claimed the player will be rewarded with 10 Astral Acclaim. Completing AND claiming all three chests will reward a daily completion chest with 1 Essence of Luck, 1 Gold, and 30 Astral Acclaim, and earn 10 Achievement points for the Wizard’s Vault Daily Completionist daily achievement (with a cap of 15,000).

So, the total reward for completing the three Daily Objectives: 1 essence of luck, 1 gold, and 60 Astral Acclaim (10 from each achievement plus 30 from completion).

Once again, the previous system was more advantageous for the players – simply because they had the option to choose how they wanted to succeed. On top of that, players could complete more than just the three, and still be rewarded.

[NOTE: In my experience, I have completed all three Daily Objectives for the Wizard’s Vault only twice in its first six days. The first day I mistakenly chose all three styles, thinking I would have options. I was very wrong, so I switched to simply PvE. All four days that I missed completion happened because I was given objectives depending on SOTO. I pre-purchased SOTO and am now being punished because I am not yet ready to play that story chapter. Under the old system, I never missed completing at least three dailies – mainly because I could choose how to succeed.]

Astral Acclaim, Weeklies, and Specials

Players can spend Astral Acclaim to purchase items. People have observed that players use Astral Acclaim to purchase what they want. While this is true, in order to acquire the aforementioned currency, they are at the mercy of a RNG determining what objectives they are given. 

There are caps on both the amount of Astral Acclaim a player may have and the quantity of some of the items they may purchase. For the Astral Acclaim, if a player surpasses the cap, the excess will be lost. So, players need to be actively conscious of how much Astral Acclaim they have and are about to earn so they do not go over the cap, and be punished for simply playing.

People have been posting that the Wizard’s Vault will be more rewarding because of how many points one may POTENTIALLY acquire. This is where their math fails – they are assuming that players will acquire the MAXIMUM Astral Acclaim with a system that does not favor the players. 

Additionally, that maximum includes Astral Acclaim earned for completing Weeklies and Specials (which only pertain to SOTO, so players without it may not complete them) – both of which demand a greater time commitment than some players can afford. Since the Weekly are likely to be different from player to player, it will be more difficult to team up to accomplish them.

If we are being objective about comparing Log-in Rewards and Daily Objective, we cannot include the Weeklies and the Specials as they do not have a comparable portion in the previous system. We can simply state that the Weeklies and Specials provide a plus for the Wizard’s Vault.


Does the Wizard’s Vault have potential? It certainly does, but not as currently implemented. I believe that the choice to actually choose Daily Objectives from a list will better lend itself to player success, and a greater acceptance to the Wizard’s Vault.

Hopefully this will help clarify the crux of the issue.

Thanks for your patience and time. See you in game.

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I was tempted to ignore the wall of text but I was taking a food break so read it anyway ; p It's actually a very good summary but can be put more succinctly as follows . . :

New system has better rewards than old system for ppls who play the game, worse for ppls who only log in . . .

New system would benefit by giving players more options for completing dailies . . .

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Yea, in theory I like the new system as it would encourage me to play more. The issue for me is that only gives me 4 possible daily quests, requires 4 daily quests to get the reward, and doesn't always give me daily quests I can actually do (ie- either asking me to do broken content that cannot be completed, asking me to do something that requires an achievement I don't have, or asking me to do something in a location the story hasn't taken me to yet, thus requiring me to rush parts of the story out of order to complete it).

I originally imagined the dailies would be the first thing I'd look at when I logged in, but now I find myself just kind of ignoring them because I've had a few days where I simply could not do the only 4 presented.

Regardless of what the overall rewards look like if I were to do the all 4 dailies every day, as long as that isn't really possible I don't think I can say this system remotely compares for me to the old one in terms of reward, because I'm comparing 0 reward to what I used to get.

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5 hours ago, Redfeather.6401 said:

The reward system is good, the daily system is not. I haven't been able to complete 2 days dailies since release which is 5 days. 🥴

Yeah, it is kind of messed up as implemented.   I actually felt punished for buying SotO because it forced me to start it before I was ready just so I could not feel like I lost out on the rewards.   😞

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Invisible Pete.7290 - "Additionally, that maximum includes Astral Acclaim earned for completing Weeklies and Specials (which only pertain to SOTO, so players without it may not complete them) – both of which demand a greater time commitment than some players can afford. Since the Weekly are likely to be different from player to player, it will be more difficult to team up to accomplish them." 

With the exception of SotO, I have all of the content published so far for GW2.  I haven't finished HoT yet & barely skimmed PoF. Needless to say, haven't started EoD. 

As a result, until I buy SotO, (still don't feel there's any rush to) I won't have any Special Objectives. A year from now when a new expansion is launched, I imagine those objectives will be a mix of SotO & the new expac, or the Special Objectives will be expanded, doubling the current number & so on down the line with each new expac. I'm fine with this.

Unfortunately for players who haven't fully explored all of the content they own, we are either being forced to completely disregard the story line, or forfeit the Daily & Weekly rewards, now & going forward, if & when we buy the expacs. 

I've completed 4/6 Weekly Objectives. My remaining choices include,  Kaineng Blackout Meta, Defeat 100 Jade Mechs, the Retrospective Runaround & a Strike Mission. I'm not going to EoD, so that eliminates the first 2. Over several attempts, I've spent hours on the Retrospective & I'm determined to do it without using the Wiki. Unless there's a miracle, I don't anticipate completing it this week! So even if I succeed at my first ever Strike mission, that would leave me with 5/6, a no win situation. 

I can't complete my Daily because one is, Loot the Chest of Vasburg... In all honesty, even if I had fully explored EoD, after reading the Wiki walk through, including these bug notes, I sure as heck wouldn't want to do it anyway. 

Info from the Wiki: Bugs:
If Lukas Vasburg is friendly and does nothing but ask "Are you the one that let the emptiness in?", it is impossible to fight him and start the mini-dungeon. Apparently this happens if he was previously killed fully rather than just brought down to 50%.
Occasionally the final chest cannot be looted (even after placing both the Amber and Jade runestones on the pillars), even after repeating the puzzle or changing maps - if this occurs, you will have to try another day.
Progressing too fast through the puzzle to use the portal may result in being kicked out from the puzzle.

So at this rate, the choices that I can look forward to are 0/4 Special, 4/8 Weekly & 3/4 Daily Objectives. At least I'll never have to worry about exceeding the maximum amount of AA allowed. 🙄

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This is probably the worst comparison I've seen so far and basicly argues that if you dont lift a finger to do anything in the new system then its worse than the old system.

This is like arguing that standing by the bank in LA does not give me 30g+ an hour, PvE farming is broken.

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