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Wizard's Vault weekly - Defeat 100 enemies while under Nourishment effect

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I attempted to get this alongside the Defeat100 Jade Mechs objective (plus some other events where the counting also seemed to be a fraction of the number of kills I had gotten). By the time the Jade Mechs had been completed, I only had 25 kills counted for being nourished. If I had to guess, it seems like these kills are only counted for the last hit? Or has some other requirement not stated.

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What's also not working is the Enhancement buff (+5% Damage vs Dragonvoid) you get in Dragon's End from completing events. Seems that buff doesn't count for the "Kill 100 Enemies While under an Enhancement effect", even though it IS an Enhancement effect. They should probably change the end of that text to something like "an Enhancement effect from consumables."

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