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jade mech habitation zone 03

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Can confirm the bugs. Not sure about the naga event - have not seen it so far. (People on reddit seem to have reported it as bugged/not appearing as well?) The kestrel escort ant the emergency broadcast stations worked for me.

But the ministry of transit is bugged. Event marker (that usualyl shows that there is an event to trigger by talking to an NPC) is visible and the NPC has audio (voice) you can hear but it is invisible. Mabe spawned in the floor or walls? Can't see any speech bubble nearby though. I saw that NPC though ... but it was days ago and when the event was not up to trigger. My guess is: It bugs after doing it and then is broken for that map/instance and not resetting the NPC correctly?

Edit: Naga event was up when I passed by while doing other stuff. Might just spawn less often. (When the other events spawn so fast that it always feels like it takes only 1-2 minutes until they respawn again.) So only transit npc bugged.

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Regerading the transit ministry event: The event location marker (orange small round icon on the minimap) seemed to apper independently from that (broadcast station event) - for me. When I joined a map before going to bed to check yesterday - the NPC was available and the event worked.

Previously that marker showed a possible event even before the escort (pre-event with the tengu before the broadcast station event) was up. But no NPC there and the NPC also was not there after the broadcast station event fully completed. (Still stuck the event icon on the mini map + the NPC having audio voice lines you could hear but he could not be seen.)

Odd thing is that when the event was NOT available (no event marker) the NPC seemed to be at a different location. (Not in the middle of the building. But in some small alcove. (There are 2 I think.) I guess he goes there to stay in a repair/inactive state and before the event is supposed to start he moves to the center of the building? (And there it might bug moving him somewhere else out of the accessible terrain sometimes.)

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