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Waiting Sorrow?


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The writers definitely seem to be building this character up for something in the future. Unless it’s just to add a little more depth and dimension to the new cast, it definitely seems like Waiting Sorrow will be important one day.

Also pretty sure Arina will be big in future updates concerning the third map. I haven’t finished SotO quite yet though, so not sure if she factors into the ending somehow. 

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15 hours ago, mandala.8507 said:
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Not her actual sister, but her "found family" sister, I'm assuming. And yes, she seems to be a Kodan. Her room in the Wizard's Tower is decorated with the Kodan symbol flags.


I must have missed that. Could have swore I checked every room.

Nice to see I wasn’t reading into it though.

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16 hours ago, Bast.7253 said:

Dagda's sister goes by Sorrow but it seems her full name is "Waiting Sorrow."

Seems like quite the difference in naming conventions here and Waiting Sorrow almost sounds like something you'd expect a Kodan to have.

It is confirmed in the story journal that Waiting Sorrow is a kodan. In some of the lore books it's also established that Waiting Sorrow and Mabon were the two who rescued and recruited Dagda into the Wizard's Court. Waiting Sorrow was the leader of the Bastion of the Celestial before leaving the court, afterward Dagda took over.

Waiting Sorrows is over 1,000 years old, while Dagda's age is much younger (though afaik we don't have a specific or generalized age for her). Sometime after 716 AE, Waiting Sorrows left the Wizard's Court - in "recent" years, Mabon had found her in Frostgorge Sound, watching over her people.

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