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Ancient seed is gone, trapper runes are gone. Whether or not they should have been taken out of the game doesn't matter, but can we at least throw a bone to rangers in WvW. I feel like our builds have become limited to either untamed or sic em soulbeast builds (and maybe heal druid if you zerging). Diversity here is dwindling.

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Also interested in a decent roaming build that can maybe handle a little smale scale too. Maybe Celestial. I mostly play healing Druid in a zerg, but between tags and maybe late hours I usually just have to be on a sic em varient. I have been messing with some untamed celestial builds but I am not super great at theory crafting. Sometimes there are big ques, so I dont want to log another character only to log back into my ranger to support later on.

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Can still play condi druid, just way, way harder now.  

I've never used trapper runes, so the removal doesn't affect my build, but every other nerf to Druid sure did.  

But ya, WvW in general is some form of soulbeast for roaming, it's just way easier and can build as glassy as you want.  Sic Em' isn't needed and I rarely ever use it over another stun break like Quickening Zephyr. 

The only time I break out Sic Em is when encountering annoying thief builds like whatever core thief scepter cele/condi abomination is going on right now...ran into that a few times yesterday.  

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13 hours ago, SleepyBat.9034 said:

There are other ways to build condi/hybrid that don't use traps.

Yeah I barely touched traps or condi druid. Been running variants of some really old condi builds, which is fine. Was just hoping that with getting rid of ancient seeds/trapper runes, there'd be some sort of exchange so we can create new builds.


Lets look at the recent ranger changes so far:

  • Fervent Force => Let Loose
    • I'll be honest, I don't really touch untamed, but Let Loose seems meh
  • Ancient Seeds => Eclipse
    • No where near as impactful as before. It was definitely a little much on condi builds, but I feel it was balanced for power builds
  • updated Protective Ward
    • This trait is just never used
  • updated Spirited Arrival
    • This trait is a poor man's version of Clarion Bond

Can't help but feel we've been shortchanged a lot recently, especially on impactful GrandMaster traits. The only major win so far is Evasive Purity where there is no longer an ICD for condi removals.

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