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Stop drop and roll, remove the CD....you did so from Evasive Purity


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There should be no problem in doing so, the trait only removes 2 x specific conditions compared to the Evasive Purity that removes any 2 conditions, hence its master trait location. As a matter of fact, the ele variant of effect on dodge, it's the worst in the category:


Either decrease the CD to the standard 3s CD or remove all together, it's simply not fair for have such a massive CD on what could be a rather vital trait for the class 

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I mean, part of the reason Evasive Purity is in the Master Category is why its stronger and therefore doesn't need and ICD, but I digress: the Water line already has two ways to remove condis: Stop, Drop and Roll and Cleansing Wave as choices you can make that will remove conditions for you. And if you take Cleansing Waters you get Soothing Ice and  Soothing Disruption, as well as anytime you apply regen with whatever weapon set you're using.  That is a lot of options for condition removal pack into a single trait line (and this isn't even considering how it works with other trait lines that apply regen).

On the other hand, Evasive Purity is literally the only trait in Nature Magic that removes conditions.  I know this isn't an argument about condition removal as it is comparing two similar skills with similar effects, but to do just that isn't a fair comparison. You need to look at the whole picture and how they works with the trait line and the class on whole.

I'm all for buffing Elementalist and I dream of a day that Chill is removed from the game, but this trait is fine for what it is...

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6 hours ago, Zhaid Zhem.6508 said:

I am for deleting this trait has you aready have cleanses, and strong synergy arround, in the traitlane.
The trait as not been updated since 2015, no one ever talked about it until this topic; no need to say no one cares about this trait and it could be replaced by something else.

People don't talk about many traits, that doesn't make them bad. SD&R isn't a bad trait. If you are expecting to play against burn builds, you definitely take it. In SotO, the trait works better with antitoxin relic, so compared to Soothing Ice it already got a buffSoothing Ice is synergizing better with the common build right now, so it sees more play.

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