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Further removal of instabilities from Silent Surf


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I really just want one further instability removed from this Fractal. And that's Outflanked. His Frightening Speed attack coinciding with Dread Visage requires some people to simultaneously look at him and look away from him, which triggers the increased damage, and looking at him triggers the fear.

In addition, the ranged attacks from the aspects become really unpleasant and much harder to deal with with the Outflanked in effect.

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Frightening Speed always does the same dmg as it deal percentage of your hp (~50%) and is not affected by any type of multipliers (both reducing and increasing). you cannot block/dodge/invul it as well

this means that Exposed from Rending Storm (+25% per stack), Stick Together (+25%) and Outflank (+100%) does not affect Frightening Speed. if Outflank did work with Frightening Speed, you would get instantly 100-0.

regarding adds, they barely do any dmg. they hit for 300-500 (this can be modified by multipliers) but they shoot on area (not directly to you) and have very thin hitbox so unless you sit in place for 10+sec you wont even notice their dmg.

if anything, Outflank is the most helpfull there as you can deal +100% dmg to add on island which helps healers a lot.

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