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Gyala Delve "Requisition Specialist" Vendor Missing "Fury Manifest" Unlock Item

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I've been catching up on some of the Gyala Delve achievements and i'm trying to do the Manifest weapons collections however, the Requisitions Specialist vendor isn't selling the item necessary to unlock the "Fury Manifest" collection. I was able to buy the other 4, but after looking on the GW2 wiki, i can't see the "Historical Weapon Diagram: Staff" available at the vendor. The Hisorical Artifacts tab on the vendor is empty, i've even checked all 4 versions of the vendor around the map and they're all empty. I can't see any reason on the wiki or in-game that i shouldn't have access to buy this item so I believe it may be a bug. I've linked images of the achievement being locked and the empty vendor if needed below. If someone could look in to this that would be great.




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I have the same issue, but for me it affects both "Fury Manifest" as well as "Bloodthirst Manifest". "Historical Weapon Diagram: Staff" and "Historical Weapon Diagram: Axe" are both unavailable at the Requisitions Specialists even though both achievements are still locked for me. I was however able to buy the "Historical Weapon Diagram: Longbow" just now if that helps.

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I've waiting multiple days and checked the vendor everyday to see if its added back and nothing. I've even now waited past a weekly reset and it still hasn't appeared so i honestly have no idea at this point. Guess i just have to hope someone from Anet can look into this though thats gunna be unlikely especially since an expansion just released 😞

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