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Adding F1 burst to Bladesworn: Good Idea, Bad Idea?


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Literal shower thought: bladesworn lacks weapon swap in combat, but what if it still had access to F1 burst and moved gunsaber and DT to F2 and F3 respectively? I can see cons and pros to each side (and, with blind spam, I’m guessing DT will still be favored), but I figured I’d toss the question out there.

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They did sate that they are going to remove the 'drawbacks' that they imposed. The 'drawback' they stated for Bladesworn was the loss of weapon swap.

FWIW I think Core needs a F2 mechanic instead. This F2 mechanic can manifest in any of the following ways:

  • OH weapon bursts and second 2H weapon bursts
  • The F1 of the unequipped weapon set.
    • Bonus: using this burst could swap to the other weapon set, this would be lost by all the especs.
  • A none burst skill:
    • A button that grants 10 adrenaline
    • This could then have traits that grant boons based on the current adrenaline level when used:
      • base adrenaline: fury (5s)
      • 10 Adrenaline: 10 might and fury (5s)
      • 20 Adrenaline: 10 might, fury (5s), and quickness (3s)
      • 30 Adrenaline: 10 might, fury (5s), and quickness and superspeed (3s)
    • Or the same as above but with Defensive boons including protection, resolution, resistance, and vigor

What giving Core a F2 does is also open trait design space. We can have traits that grant effects when F1 hits and traits that grant effects when F2 is used.

Let's say we went with F2 just granting 10 adrenaline on an 8s CD. Discipline would reduce this just like F1 bursts. Heightened Focus could become the offensive boons on F2 trait as I wrote above. Remove Vengeful Return, move Destruction of the Empowered into that slot, and then move Axe Mastery into DotE's old slot. In Axe Mastery's old slot put the defensive boon on F2 use trait. That way we have a choice of offense or defense on that button for good balance reasons.

From there Adrenal Health, Cleansing Ire, and Marching Orders can all proc upon using F2 and any tiered effects are based on the adrenaline held at the time of use. All of the other traits can proc off of hitting with F1.

For Bladesworn that might mean swapping Gunsaber and Dragon Trigger's places, or putting an ICD on traits that do not already have them when Bladesworn is taken.

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I like the idea of core getting an F2 that provides adrenaline. One of the big issues with core warrior compared to the elite specialisations, IMO, is that the elite specialisations are all encouraged to press their elite specialisation button fairly often, while core warrior requires a fair amount of buildup if it doesn't want to be just throwing one-bar bursts around like a budget spellbreaker.

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