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Which laptop?

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Hey guys, Im looking to buy a cheap(ish) gaming laptop for general use and GW2, I think I've narrowed it down to these 2:





After being told to stay away from MSI ones. 

What one would be better? 



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The websiteowner has banned my ASN....

i cant even access the webiste XD


However... Laptops arent made for gaming... regardless if its labeled as a "gaming laptop".

If you dont NEED a laptop, your better off buying a desktop tower.

You will have more power if you buy a tower for 600 bucks, and then a 200 bucks laptop for work, instead of buying a 800 bucks "gAmiNG" laptop.


Thats just my 2cts. Mileage may vary.

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This website banned my contry to acess 🙃 #VPNLovers

ASUS TUF comes with a 12th generation processor, which was released in 2022, its GPU is an RTX 3050.
Overall, it appears to have a more efficient ventilation system and a more modern design.
  Comes with 16GB of memory, and does not specify an upgrade, which could mean that it comes with 2 sticks of 8gb (dual band)
RGB keyboard and TUF backpack and mouse are a plus.

ACER NITRO comes with an 11th generation processor, released in 2021, its GPU is an RTX 3050 TI, it is an improved version of the ASUS GPU, but it had a simultaneous release, so no GPU age difference.
  It comes with 16GB of memory, and it says it can be upgraded up to 32GB, which could mean that it comes with 1 stick of 16GB and the other one is available.
  The keyboard is RED background, RGB is prettier, but unplugged you'll want the lights off to save battery anyway.

OBS: the memory part is not guaranteed, it is necessary to open a chat with the support to confirm if it comes with 1 or 2 memory sticks in each, usually it comes with all the slots occupied

Having said the pros and cons,
  In my opinion, ACER's differential is its 3050TI GPU, but overall, it doesn't add much performance gain compared to a normal 3050.
  And since the use will not be exclusive for games, you will see a bigger difference between the CPUs, in which the ASUS TUF will bring you better results in multitasking.

CPU Comparison:
UserBenchmark: Intel Core i5-11400H vs i5-12500H
GPU Comparison:
UserBenchmark: Nvidia RTX 3050 (Laptop) vs 3050-Ti (Laptop)

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I've been playing on gigabyte g5 for past couple of years without any major problems. I dont play on max graphics but the game still looks nice in my opinion. The caveat for me is I was on an 8 year old machine at the time and this was a great upgrade for me. I do take my laptop traveling with me, otherwise I would stick to a tower PC.

The throttling I observe only occurs if you have your performance settings set in a certain way. If you're plugged into a power socket like I usually am I rarely notice throttling. 

Again I'm not an expert user or wanting to play games on highest settings so this is perfectly good for me. 

Unfortunately it's discontinued but at the time it was about £750 and I put in an nvme drive which was probably an extra 100 or so.  The nvme drive may also help with performance issues others mentioned as assets can load much quicker when you can read 3gb/s. But just guessing. 


If I were to upgrade for a similar price now I would probably go for something like this as I like the fact you can add another m2 drive and 800 is reasonable for this spec https://www.very.co.uk/gigabyte-g5-kf-gamingnbsplaptop--nbsp156-fhd-144hz-nvidia-rtx-4060nbspcorenbspi5-12500h-16gb-ramnbspgen4-512gb-ssd-nbspspare-m2-bay-2-year-warranty/1600872167.prd?utm_campaign=voucher&awc=3090_1693313080_6723e875db69fef025389114c32cf93a&aff=awin&affsrc=47868&cm_mmc=awin-_-47868-_-Discount+Code-_-0_0&utm_source=awin&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_term=HotUKDeals_47868&utm_content=na


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