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Ranger player returning to GW2 after a hiatus. What build?


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As i said im an old player of GW2, ive mostly played pvp back in the dayz and now i came back asking for some pve action with my Ranger. What are the builds? What are the options? Ive seen some builds in metabattle but i dont know how much on date are they or how much effective are.. Cause its another thing to be viable and another being totally awesome super effective.
I may be wrong, enlighten me fellow Rangers

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3 hours ago, Dardamaniac.1295 said:

Ive heard about condi druid being a strong option but right now i have all my ascended gear on berserkers stats, maybe i try it with exotic Vipers. Ive heard about a Untamed quickness build. Im currently playing it and seems kinda fun.. Is it good tho?

you also can play power soulbeast hammer \ sword\axe for power dps - ( really good option also) 

i like untame also i think it underrated but kind of hard to mannge i guess ? ! 

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Still a couple options for power if you don’t want to change gear

Power Soulbeast is still very good, and Power Untamed is significantly easier to play now without Fervent Force.

Best power weapon combo right now is Hammer+Sword/Axe, with next best being Hammer+Axe/Axe. I think using just Sword/Axe is still very good, but one of the sword abilities got a slight nerf last patch.

If you want to expand outside of power builds there’s a ton. Hybrid Soulbeast, Power Quickness Untamed, Condi Soulbeast, Condi Druid (trait changes not too long ago that gives Druid a dps build), Heal Druid. Condi Untamed, Condi Quickness Untamed, and Condi Alac Druid are all kinda there, but a bit weaker than it’s competitors.

In terms of MetaBattles accuracy, I’d personally say it’s a good resource. SnowCrows is highly focused on the top 0.1% that builds that are even a little worse than the best aren’t included. At least MetaBattle tracks at least some of those builds which even if they aren’t the best of the best are still leagues above the requirements for content in this game. The only complaints I have is that they seem to lag behind SnowCrows in terms of updating PvE builds and that some builds don’t have a rotation list like SC does.

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