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Advice on Joining Fractals on Steam Deck

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I am a returning player that played off and on from launch till POF. I didn't look into fractals much back then and can't remember details so I am basically brand new to using them.

My question is whether I should expect to have any issues going in using a Steam Deck since that is currently the only system I game on. I have played Final Fantasy XIV using the Steam Deck and didn't have any issues with group content, but I have always played that with a controller even on my previous gaming laptop so I already knew that should work fine using the Steam Deck. 

Are there a lot of dungeon mechanics or puzzles that require chatting to coordinate? I could see that being the biggest issue because it is a major pain in the butt to chat and play a game on the Steam Deck. I think if that is not a big issue I should probably do okay, but I just wanted to pop in here to get opinions or advice if anyone else uses a Steam Deck before I give it a try.

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Although I don't use steam deck, I can tell you that most fractals don't require chat, and when they do is mostly for combat role coordination in higher tier ones. 

Some of them have simple "puzzles" but as long as someone else knows how to explain then you shouldn't have to use chat. I'm mostly concerned about how well you can do combat on steam deck since the game has a considerable amount of skills and depending on your profession, difficult rotations to preform. But I guess you have that figured out. 

For now just join the low end ones and see how it goes. 

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