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[NA] [PvE] Malicious and Dangerous [MAD] semi-casual guild looking for new members!


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Hello! We're Malicious and Dangerous [MAD], an old guild (2012) that is casual in spirit but we regularly do instanced content. What should you know about us?

Timezones? We're mostly EST, with a few PST and Oceanic players.

What events do we do and when do we do them?

-Dungeons: Monday 7pm est

-Semi-weekly legendary bounty trains: Tuesday 8pm est

-Semi-weekly rift hunts: Tuesday 8pm est

-EoD strikes: Wednesday 8pm est

-Raids: Thursday & Saturday 8pm est

-CM raids static: you have to have run normal raids with us for at least a month before requesting to join. Static meets twice a month, usually Saturdays at 8pm est.

-Guild Missions: Friday 7pm est

-IBS strikes: Friday 9pm est

-Fractals: Sunday 8pm est (CMs/T4s), 9pm est (T1-T4 depending on demand)

-Monthly Rollerbeetle Race: date chosen based on discord poll.

Discord? Yes, We use it for event signs ups and voice coms for event coordination. Discord use is not mandatory but members who hop into voice chat (speaking not mandatory) for events have their attendance counted, which makes you eligible for rank promotions.

Repping? Not mandatory, and neither is event attendance. Attending events and repping just makes you eligible for rank promotion.

How many in the guild? We have about 50 active members with about 20 logging in consistently on weekends. Nominally we have 300+ but that's mostly because don't usually kick for inactivity until you've been gone for 6+ plus months (unless you stay in contact via discord or let us know ahead of time how long your break is).

Who are we looking for and what is the environment in the guild? We're looking for new/returning/veteran players who are casual about the game but still want to do instanced content and are willing to learn/ask questions or for feedback. But event attendance is not mandatory. You can just use the guild to socialize and chat. If you are relatively new to raids/fractals/strikes and want to learn how to do them, then we're a good fit for you, even moreso if you want a friendly and tight-knit group of guild members to chat with. Voice chat can get rowdy, but politics/religion topics are not allowed. We have lots of LGBTQ+ members so this is a safe space. Most members speak English and a few speak Spanish (some are from South America/Puerto Rico).

Guild Hall? Yes, we have a level 65 guild hall and it has all the enhancements and harvesting nodes.

"I want to join!" You can message me in-game (Kuya.6495). You can also message some of our senior members in game for an invite (sivalsival.8629 or axaressa.4612).

If you have questions about our guild or our rules, feel free to ask. See you in-game!

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